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Welcome to Swan Publishing. The books you’ll find here are mostly “how-to” books about popular topics. Pete Billac believes in fast-paced, easy-reading books that talk to you like an old friend, and can be read on a short plane ride. He has either written or edited all of the books you’ll find here, including a number of best sellers, some of which have sold hundreds of thousands to millions of copies.

PETE BILLAC is “the,” or “one of the” most successful small-press publishers in the world. His recent books are selling fast, even in this troubled economy. He features but a few books. His best seller is YOUR HOME-BASED BUSINESS (and how to make it work). It explains network marketing. Look at BOOKS for more detailed information.

Pete’s current books  on businesses are XANGO, JUSTICE IS GREEN  and MANAGING STRESS. Each company has PRODUCTS that HELP people. In this troubled economy  people need the truth, and he researches EVERYTHING before he writes about it.  He’s looked at thousands of companies, researched hundreds, and writes ONLY on the companies he feels will help you earn money, part-time, working from your home. He researches PRODUCTS,  PAY PLANS, CORPORATE OFFICERS (for experience and integrity), and TRAINING. If ALL checks out, he writes a new book.

His NEW book is AGAINST ALL ODDS, about Amanda Harris, a girl born several weeks premature, weighing maybe 5 pounds, her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and tightening – stopping blood flow to the brain, and her LEFT FOOT was resting on her BACK! She wore metal braces for two years. At 8, she was diagnosed with Acute Scoliosis with a 38 degree bend in her spine.

At 9  she set a WORLD RECORD in the bench press. Now, at 20, she has set 468 State, National, and WORLD RECORDS in Powerlifting. She IS, pound-for-pound, one of the strongest young women in the world. It is a heart-warming story of success and motivation. With her father as her mentor, she is STILL setting world records. Plus, she is beautiful, and STILL looks like a high-school cheerleader, has no big muscles, and she is an inspiration to everyone.  GET HER BOOK!