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Pete Billac, founder and CEO of Swan Publishing, is an author / lecturer / humorist, and one of the most sought after speakers in the United States and Europe. One of his books, HOW NOT TO BE LONELY, grossed over $8  MILLION DOLLARS. He has written 60 books with dozens  that sold over one million copies.

Pete makes his audiences laugh-hard. His speeches are entertaining, refreshing and informative, and he plays mostly to standing-room-only audiences. He enjoys people, and  he loves to help people. He makes time for almost everyone, and he likes what he does; you can feel the excitement as he charms all audiences with his winning smile, quick wit, and candor.

Pete conducts seminars at writers’ conventions, universities, and for Fortune 500 companies. Cruise lines seek his services because he is able to mix messages with laughter. He has appeared before more than 5000 civic, social and business groups on marketing, writing, health, motivation, relationships and money. Look at the list of but “some” of his books.

Pete attributes the success of his books to the fact that he writes for the MASSES, in LARGE letters, SMALL words, he researches using experts,  he CANDIDLY tells what he wants to convey,  and most of his books sell for under $10. Each can be read in a few hours.

“If you are familiar with my style of writing, you’ll recognize that I want each book to ‘tell a story’ with hopes that it is both informative and enjoyable to read, and that you understand what I’m saying. I like to ‘slip in’ messages so it won’t seem like preaching. It will not read like a textbook, but one you can learn from and (hopefully) enjoy.

“And gosh, I get blasted by MANY writers, English teachers, and grammarians because of my CAPITAL letters,  italics,  quotation marks,  bold letters, and unmistakable (faulty) punctuation. I just want my readers to not MISINTERPRET what I’m saying! I write as if talking to a friend, and since I’ve been writing WRONG, I’ve sold more than 40 million books.

 I write for COMMUNICATION, SUBSTANCE, and TRUTH. I “talk” to readers in my books the way I’d talk to a friend.  My books on MLM companies have helped over 3  hundred become millionaires, and tens of thousands with an annual income of from $50,000 to $800,000. In this horrid economy with so many needing “some” money, I try to get them an additional $1000 a month (to start, part-time) and move on from there.

” NO! You won’t need a college degree or a dictionary at your side to read what I write. I also do FREE radio shows around the world. I LIKE what I do and I play business like a game; I have fun and like to WIN the game. My YOUR HOME-BASED BUSINESS book has sold more than 7 million copies, and it sincerely HELPS people regardless of the company; it SELLS and TEACHES.

It’s perfect for any MLM in that it explains what a Pyramid Scheme IS and ISN’T, and it tells WHY you failed before, and HOW you can NOT FAIL – this time. It is (presently) my favorite book. I’m candid and “tell it like it is.” My books on companies help you make an “informed decision” before you join some crackpot business. I implore you to TELL- not SELL!   I thank God every day for my good fortune.


PETE BILLAC is a true maverick; he writes only what pleases him. He is truthful and candid. He has either edited, published, written, or ghost written over 200 books about a variety of subjects as well as more than 1000 short stories, and jokes for some of America’s top comedians.

He was born into poverty but – he started doing business in his teens. He bought and sold Christmas trees (maybe the FIRST to dip them in paint to keep the dry trees sticker’s from falling). He bought manure from nearby ranches and sold it in bags for fertilizer. He chipped paint (From New Orleans to Nairobi) on a freighter. One summer he worked in the Kaiser Aluminum “pot room” with temperatures above 160 degrees, and as a Roughneck on off- shore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico as well as a “Rabbit” on the docks of the Mississippi river in New Orleans while teaching school.

Pete earned an athletic scholarship to Tulane University. He served stints in the US Navy and US Army, he worked as a salvage diver, taught 8th grade history and science for one year, set 31 world records in spear fishing, and  worked with Jacques Cousteau. He won the US Army Triathlon,  and has trophies for tennis, golf, sky diving, Tai Kwon Do, boxing, track , football . . ..”STOP, “he says. “Sounds as if I’m 200 years old and could never hold a job !”

But, as an adult he has had jobs. He did stunt work in Hollywood, he was a real estate investor, he’s owned a charter airline, a modeling agency, a string of art galleries, night clubs, drilled for oil, and owned a coconut plantation in Mexico. He taught snow skiing in Aspen, and water skiing and scuba diving in Miami. He now lives on his cattle ranch in the Texas Hill Country. He has, to be sure, lived a full life. “And it isn’t over yet,” he smiles. And, it isn’t.

He writes two or three  books a year that HELP people with health, life, or business. He flies to conventions around the world and, he truly does make his audiences laugh – HARD! He conducts radio interviews from his home to countries around the world, and his attitude is ALWAYS positive. “If you think you CAN, or think you CAN’T, you are right,” the prolific author adds.

Pete Billac is an authority on dating and solving problems in relationships. All his books are best-sellers…” – Phil Donahue

“The ladies were so taken with Mr. Billac’s speech, they were screaming for him to be the featured speaker at our Thirty-Fifth Annual Awards banquet.”                                       Ouida DeBruhl, Mid-States Women’s Conference

One of the funniest and most charismatic speakers I have ever heard; he breathes life into every topic. Be sure to attend any meetingYou can where Pete Billac is featured.”                            Ken Collins, Radio Celebrity Host

Pete is a dynamic motivational speaker regardless of the topic. His communication skills are awesome, and his presentations are flawless. He never uses notes, and he is very, very funny.”           Roger Arnhardt, Publisher

Pete Billac is an authority on dating and problem-solving in relationships. All of his books are best-sellers…”  Sally Jessy Raphael, TV Personality

You can email Pete Billac directly; pete@swan-pub.com or CALL him (512-7554962). He will HELP you find a “system” that suits YOUR personality for marketing, and if you’re a writer, he will give you advice (no charge) that will help you write and market your book.