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If YOU have written a book and are thinking about publishing it, I’ll help. YOU pay for it, and I’ll publish it, put my logo on it, give you the lowest price, put it on my website and help you market it- but ONLY if you’re serious about all of this. MY profit comes out of book sales AFTER you recoup your initial investimet, I take 10% of book sales. If I don’t help you with sales, I make no money.

I’m candid, and I tell the truth. Iwant a book that is about a topic where “the masses” will want to read it. I do NOT want a book about YOUR LIFE – unless you’re a mass murderer, royalty, or a celebrity; NOBODY cares about YOUR life (or MINE). Let me know what you’re writing, and send a chapter or two by email ( And YOU tell me why YOUR BOOK will sell. Go to a major bookstore and look at whatever topic you are writing on, and see if there are OTHER books like that. RESEARCH! Again, I’ll l tell you if I think it has a chance or not – I pull no punches.

To protect yourself and your manuscript, MAIL a copy to yourself in a certified envelope, and don’t open it! If anyone tries to steal your idea, that certified letter (unopened) is your proof.

There is much to tell you, and I can’t do it all here! I have proof readers, editors, attorneys, ISBN numbers and bar codes for your book as well as your book and name in the Library of Congress. Once your book is in print, you will be on almost every computer in the world.  I’ve done this hundreds of times.

It is WORK. Most new writers think they can write a book and sail away on their yacht to Tahiti. It does happen that way, but RARELY.

The year that I wrote my first book, I gave 677 talks to any group that would have me; FEW writers will work that hard. In the past 20 years I’ve spoken to over 5000 groups, appeared on about 200 national TV shows, thousands of radio shows and as many newspaper interviews. NEW writer’s feel that EVERYONE wants to read THEIR book. WHY? Who ARE you? Remember, absolutely NOBODY cares about YOUR life (or mine) unless we’re Mass murderers, royalty or celebrities.

For people to read what you write, you have to entertain and/or help; I try to do both. With my MLM books, people want to know how can you help ME – lose weight, remove wrinkles, live longer, become healthy, make MONEY. NOBODY CARES unless you can HELP them or unless you’re famous or infamous. These are FACTS! Most new authors never understand that. They just don’t know that they don’t know! Yes, they think EVERYONE will read their book.

I warn new authors of the work it takes; book store autograph sessions, the numerous radio, TV and newspaper interviews, (you hope you get), the speeches, meetings, seminars, the travel, waiting in airports, getting lost, renting cars, readings where only a handful of people show up, sleeping in your car, spending money you DON’T have trying to promote your book and make more. It’s all part of the game. BUT – when you WIN the game, it’s wonderful!

MOST books sit on the shelf in retail stores crammed (spine only showing) between a million or more other books. If people don’t KNOW about your book they will never buy it, and it sits there and is later returned to the distributor who returns it to you. You MUST find a way to ‘get the word out’ or your book will die. Yeah, it’s work.

My life hasn’t been easy, but I enjoyed every minute of it, and whatever successes I’ve had, I EARNED. I (use to) publish books at my own expense, but far too many times the person who SAID they’d work the book didn’t, and I ended up with a storehouse of books that I had to burn.

The writing business is not easy. With my business book;YOUR HOME-BASED BUSINESS (and HOW to make it WORK), it is STILL selling several hundred thousand copies a year with NO advertisement. I HELP people and I teach them (free) – IF – they are willing to work. And, remember, I TELL THE TRUTH, and I am candid. Here’s a for instance. MANY say they are in the business to help others. “Gimme a break” They are in it for the MONEY! IF they can help others at the same time, that’s great. And I like appreciation; DON’T WE ALL?”

If you FEEL that you have a good book and want to publish it yourself, send me the info Iasked for and let’s see if I feel it has a chance. If it does, I’ll help you. If I don’t feel it’s good, try somebody else. SEND (or email) your idea and a few chapters, TELL me why YOUR book will sell, FINISH the manuscript, make it 96 pages only (I get a good price on that number), and HAVE the money to produce it, after we make an agreement! HALF when I start work, and the other half when your book goes to press. NO color pages (they cost too much) and IF you have photos for the book (black and white) make certain they will copy clearly.

YEAH! It’s not easy, but it can be fun AND profitable. SORRY for writing so much, I get carried away. God bless, Pete Billac