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Trade Shows

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Many of these books are on Network Marketing. There are MANY ways to get customers, and I tell you about it on this website, and in my book about Home-Based Businesses. If you email me ( I’ll put you on my FREE mail out list to give you hints and tips every several weeks. In a Promo Packet I’ll email you, are ways that I give so that you might CHOOSE “a” way that YOU might market your business.

In it, I have a section on TRADE SHOWS. These DO cost some money, many are held where you might have to FLY (or drive a long way) to get to them, but they are one of the BEST ways to “jump start” your business. I’ve been speaking AT trade shows for s few decades, and in visiting with those who participate a vast majority have changed their financial lives FOREVER from but one or two of these shows.

What I’d like you to do is to PLAN AHEAD a few months. If you have LARGE products that you market, it is NOT as easy as if you have pamphlets, maybe books, a video screen, and a person to stand behind the table and TALK to people.  These are some suggestions and examples.

A few years ago I wrote a book on INDOOR AIR POLLUTION and UNSAFE WATER. This meant that those who want to work the show needed a truck or van to haul their wares,  and DRIVE to the show to display these items.

It is MUCH easier if you can use a method to get people TO your booth where they will listen to what you have to say. I suggest (of course) that you use one or more of my books as a giveaway. Now, people go to FREE like a shark to blood, but you can’t give EVERYONE a free book(s). I’ll be rich and you’ll be broke.

So, I devised a plan to have a DRAWING for the books, and give a book or books ONLY to those who sincerely seem interested in YOUR business.  The books either SELL your business FOR you, or lead them TO your business. At a show several years ago, there were 4 vendors selling the same item. This sometimes happens if the show director allows it. It was a 3-day show.

The 4 vendors tried to make an appointment with people to tell them and show them what they were marketing, In 2 days, the 4 vendors got 7 appointments collectively. I persuaded one vendor (3 declined) to use my books in a drawing the 3rd day. That last (half-day) the vendor using MY method had contact information on over 700 people. The other 3 (collectively) had 12  NAMES of prospective customers.

There are hundreds of trade shows throughout the US each year. USE the internet, and search for trade shows in or near where you live, contact them, get the information then . . . YOU DECIDE! Good luck and God bless